Ezone Desk.

Design by Henrik Tengler

The Ezone Desk was designed in 2004 by Henrik Tengler. Over the years the Ezone Desk has proven to be a reliable and durable companion in the daily lives of thousands of hard working people. The Ezone Desk has stood the test of time and has become the go-to-desk for many large corporations that refuse to compromise style, quality and functionality.

The Ezone Desk has become a true classic with- in height adjustable desks. It combines a functional and minimalistic design with materials of the best quality and an impeccable attention to detail. The Ezone Desk is part of a series where functionally and aesthetically live up to the highest standard of elegant and ergonomic solutions.

The electrically adjustable Ezone Desk offers both exibility and an advanced ergonomic performance in the workplace. In recent years, it has become a well-known fact that being able to move around throughout the day increases the well-being of the employee. Onecollection offers sit-to-stand solutions for the entire office, including open plan work stations and electrically height adjustable desks for private offices and conference rooms.

The Ezone Desk is available with a tabletop in linoleum, laminate or veneered oak, ash walnut and teak. The T-foot pedestal legs come in stainless steel or painted.

The Ezone Desk can be customised via numerous options, such as a foldable cable grommet in stainless steel, a hinged service carrier for managing cables, a pencil tray, a cabinet with drawers, a screen with a bulletin board and more.


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Product Info

Design: Henrik Tengler
Year: 2005
Materials: Electric height adjustable desk, 63-127 cm.
Incl. two Ø 70 mm cable grommets in stainless steel.

Tabletop in oak, walnut, ask, teak, laminate or linoleum. Frame in stainless steel or painted.
Model and dimensions: For special sizes, please inquire for offer.
OC 1001 – 80 x 160 cm
OC 1002 – 80 x 180 cm
OC 1003 – 90 x 180 cm
OC 1004 – 90 x 200 cm
OC 1005 – 100 x 180 cm
OC 1006 – 100 x 200 cm
Front Panel
Available in veneer, painted or sat. acrylic (8mm).
Incl. holders in stainless steel.
OC 1220 – 40 x 150 cm
OC 1221 – 40 x 170 cm
OC 1222 – 40 x 190 cm
OC 1226 – 40 x 70 cm
OC 1227 – 40 x 80 cm
OC 1228 – 40 x 90 cm

Service Carrier
Hinged for downfolding.
Graphite powder coating.
OC 1240 – 127 cm
OC 1245 – 70 cm

Cable Tray
Graphite powder coating.
OC 1250 – 120 cm

Turnable Pencil Tray
Black soft coat.
OC 1260

Tiltable Cable Shutter
Stainless steel.
OC 1270

Screen with Bulletin Board
With feet in graphite powder coating or stainless steel.
OC 1280 – 180 x 126 cm

Cabinet with Drawers
Black painted MDF.
Top drawer is a pencil tray.
OC 1301 – W 45 cm x D 60 cm x H 56.5 cm

Cabinet Accessories
OC 1310 – Central locking
OC 1311 – Suspension filing drawer
OC 1312 – Form holder, 10 pcs.
OC 1313 – Drawer divider

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