About Nanna & Jørgen Ditzel.

Nanna Ditzel was trained to be a cabinetmaker and also graduated from the Industrial Arts and Crafts College in 1946. Together with her husband Jørgen Ditzel she designed jewelry, furniture and textiles. They established their own design studio in 1946.

The Ditzels.

Nanna Ditzel (1923-2005) was probably the most internationally acclaimed female designer in Denmark. Her style was characterised by simplicity and purity and a more bold but well-matched choice of colours. She often combined colours which seemingly did not go together, but which she manged to balance nonetheless.

Together with her husband Jørgen Ditzel she designed jewelry for Georg Jensen but also furniture and textiles which earned silver medals at the Triennale in Milan 1951, 1954 and 1957 and the gold medal in 1960. In 1956 they were awarded the Lunning Prize.

Nanna Ditzel had a pronounced sense of material, and even after Jørgen Ditzel’s death in 1961, she continued to design, and in 1968 she moved to London where she established the Interspace International Furniture and Design Centre, an institution which developed a high reputation as a centre for experimental design. Nanna Ditzel returned to denmark in 1986 and opened a combined design studio and furniture workshop in Copenhagen.

Designs by Nanna & Jørgen Ditzel