Søren Ulrik Petersen

About Søren Ulrik Petersen.

Søren Ulrik Petersen is the designer behind One Case. His creative and playful approach to design has been crucial for his price winning designs.

Søren Ulrik Petersen.

Over the years Søren Ulrik has designed porcelain for Royal Copenhagen and textiles for Georg Jensen Damask, but furniture is his strongest element. Søren Ulrik finished his training as cabinet maker in 1985 and his education at the Danish School of Design in 1990. He is always looking for different ways of doing things and prefers to use non traditional methods and materials.

Søren Ulrik Petersen’s curious approach to design becomes clear when you take a look at One Case. He is a master of crooked thoughts and ideas and One Case is based on a simple idea of cutting, folding and assembling.

Designs by Søren Ulrik Petersen